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There have been times in our lives where we have all had a fascination towards pin badges, and passed down limited edition badges to our kids to instill in them the liking we had for it. Well you can now do the same by opting to design your own badge and give it to them as a present. With us you can create photo badges, football, birthday or name badges or anything you like using our creator tool online!

We come from a company that takes our personalised items seriously, with extensive quality controls in place. You need not worry about online payment security as well, as we keep ourselves regularly updated to ensure that you can have a relaxed mind while purchasing with us.

Our customised badges and pins come in small, medium and large sizes, making it easy for you to make your own badge. The large badge, for example, measures at 2.2 inches and is the ideal item to use to decorate bags, jackets and even hats. There are more than 8000 graphic designs for you to select from as you design a badge with us, the biggest offering that cannot be matched by other websites. Our graphics are carefully divided into segments to make life simple for you, and include categories such as Bestsellers, Love & Sex, Careers & Professions as well as Occasions. The designs can be placed in the middle of the badge, or you could alternatively centre the design horizontally.

When it comes to delivery, we give you the promise of printing and shipping out your designated item no later than two days after your order has been placed. This is done upon receipt of payment and also a confirmed order in place. The estimated time of delivery in UK is within three to seven working days, whilst international locations have their own designated number of days according to the country. The countries to which we are able to ship out our badges include the United States, Poland, Puerto Rico, Italy and Singapore. If you order in bulk from us, you will also be able to enjoy discounts, which are pro-rated according to the volume of order received. Once you exceed a certain amount of badge orders, we will even provide complimentary delivery.

We accept a number of payment modes, which include credit and debit cards, bank transfers as well as PayPal transfers. When it comes to international transfers, you could opt to pay us into our German bank account. Transfers from Switzerland, however, can be made directly into our Swiss bank account there. We will send the shipment out once the payment has been received, which may take two to three working days. The major cards which we accept include Diners Club, American Express, Visa as well as Mastercard. We also incorporate the SSL certificate to ensure that your financial data is authenticated in a secure manner, whilst keeping your personal data confidential.

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